A percentage of each stone and gem rough parcel sold on ESPCGems.com goes to support international child’s projects.  The current project is:

The School at Kitarini Library Project

Over the last couple of years myself, along with a number of others in the gem cutting and jewelry world, have had the privilege to visit Kitarini, a school for Masai children about an hour out of Longido, Tanzania. 

The school was started by local miners Sune and Pia Merisheki, when on a prospecting trip Sune ran across a group of children gathered for "school" under a tree out in the bush. Together, Sune and Pia raised funds and petitioned the government for support. Today Kitarini consists of a collection of 5-6 metal roofed buildings where 400-450 primary school-age kids come on a daily basis, walking up to five miles each way from their homes in the bush.  

Within minutes of spending time with these beautiful children, everyone who has visited is totally captivated by their smiles and dedication to learning in this remote corner of Tanzania. 

One need of the school (and nearby village) is a new building to house a library. While food serves a daily nutritional need, a library will have lasting impact for generations as a base of new found knowledge for the school and community. 

Hundreds of books have been donated to the school and hauled into Tanzania in suitcases and boxes, collected by jewelers and gem cutters who love these children. Without a library these books remain boxed and unused. 

As a children's book publisher for more than two decades I know how the power of reading can change kids lives forever. There is no limit to the potential these children have and what can be unlocked through the power of reading. It becomes especially transforming that the surrounding villages will share this library. This humble library has the power to change the lives not only of the children from the school, but become a community resource.

In addition to donations from ESPCGems a GoFundMe account is also set up to receive gifts for Kitarini.  You can access it here: