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Our gems are cut to precision standards with a brilliant polish.   Gems faceted in cutting factories around the world are manufactured in the quickest time possible with "acceptable" levels of polishing.  You'll quickly notice the difference in a precision cut gem. 

Collectors Stones - Those Truly Special Gems!

We go to the source...

Ethical sourcing of gemstones requires going to the source whenever possible. It means getting to know the people involved in the process; miners, brokers, and rough dealers.   We visit East Africa and other locales to buy as direct from the source as possible, paying fair prices, and doing what we can to give back. We work to provide educational and other support to the people and communities impacted by mining and the gemstone trade.   Visit our “reaching out” page to learn more.

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Visit our "Reaching Out" page

Visit our Reaching Out page to learn some of the ways the team at ESPCGems is working to make a difference.  A percentage of every stone we sell goes to supporting international children's charities.  Our current project is connected with the school at Kitarini.

Tsavorite & Chrome Tourmaline
mine outside Voi Kenya
So what are y'all looking at?
Arusha National Park
Just a few African friends
hanging out by the side of the road...
Sunset in
Voi Kenya
some recent finds.
100 feet down
inside a Tanzanite mine
Just hanging
out with some friends in a Tsavorite mine.


Coming soon.....

Check back.  Soon we'll be adding information on gemstones, mining, gemology, and other topics of interest.    

Just imagine what lies down this road (which happens to be the road to the only place in the world that produces the gemstone Tanzanite).

October 25, 2017 by Dan Lynch